THREE CHEERS for the great return!

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Now, before you start partying, let’s talk about our “new normal.” 

Our biggest priority is keeping this community happy, healthy, and safe.  We are grateful for your understanding and patience at this time — it has not been an easy decision for us to reopen. We are committed to keeping you all as safe + healthy as possible.

We all must adhere to some very important rules moving forward. We’ve taken the CDC and Department of Health guidelines to create the following plan:

What to Expect In-Studio:

  • All classes are capped at 8 students (you MUST book online to get a spot!). 
  • Shared props (blocks, straps, weights, etc), all towels, rental mats, and showers are not available for use.
  • We’re only allowing one person in the restrooms at a time before class. No restroom access after class.
  • You all MUST remain 6 feet apart at all times. There are traffic markers on the benches and floor. 
  • Spots are marked on the floor for all mats to stay 6 feet apart. 
  • The lobby and hallway will remain clear. Socializing can be done on your mats! 🙂
  • We will only be open 15 minutes before and after classes to allow more time for cleaning and encourage social distancing.

Please take all precautions to keep yourselves and your community safe including:

  • Staying home (practice with us online!) if you are considered to be at a higher risk of contracting the virus. 
  • Washing hands often and not touching your face.
  • Staying home if you don’t feel well.
  • Staying home (for 14 days) if you’ve been in contact with someone who is ill.

What about Booking?

Our schedule page looks different now! When you hover over “schedule” at the top, you’ll notice two distinct categories: Studio Classes and Online Classes, like this:

Each page will reflect that class schedule. You’ll notice that each Studio Class has an eight-person cap, while each Online Class has an online indicator and no cap. 

If you’re new to our booking system, start here: How to Book Online with Karmasoft + Zoom (helpful for in-studio or online class booking)

Other tidbits to know:

  • We will post our schedule weekly; allowing us to make changes as needed.
  • Power bookers: PLEASE do not over-book! Only book classes you KNOW you can attend and try to do a mixture of online and in-person, so everyone has a chance to attend. We’re counting on you to police yourselves and to be the kind community we know you are!
  • You should receive a booking confirmation email (check your junk mail and then add us to your address book!) shortly after booking
  • Online classes will receive the class password 10min prior to class, so book early!

We know you’ll all rise to this challenge! Nobody is as “in this together” as you guys, truly. We’ve never seen a more dedicated group of individuals as the Muddy Feet Yogis. A thousand thank yous for sticking with us and with each other. We would (quite literally) not be here without you.