I spent a great deal of time over the past five years debating whether yoga teacher training was a path I should take. I researched both local and not so local options for training. I specifically wanted to take the teacher training in the hopes of being able to offer yoga to people with disabilities. I have worked in physical therapy for the past twenty years and have practiced yoga myself for the past ten years. I knew the amazing benefits I had seen in my own body and mind from yoga and I wanted to be able to offer that same gift to people whose bodies may not work so well. I knew that it was an untapped market and really wanted to figure out a way to offer yoga to ALL bodies.

I kept waiting for a sign from the universe that the timing was right. One day after getting tired of hearing me go back and forth over the decision, my husband grabbed a small pad of yellow Sticky Notes and wrote “Here’s your sign – now you need to do this!” He stuck the note on the microwave knowing that I would see it often. Within a month, I narrowed down my decision to go with Muddy Feet Yoga for my teacher training, however, it was a bit of a process because I really like to investigate my options before making a big life decision. I had spoken with Megan on a couple of occasions and explained to her my reasons for wanting to do the training – she was supportive and excited for me. I attended some of her power yoga classes to get “a feel” for the type of teacher she is. One day I attended a noon time class at The Breathing Room studio that she was teaching. Unfortunately, I did not have enough change to plug the parking meter (I mean who has change lying around these days?) — I really wanted to take the class so I took a chance and I told myself as I walked in, “if there is not a ticket on your car when you come out, then that it your ‘sign’ that Muddy Feet Yoga is the one to chose.”

Fast forward nine months later – I completed my training this past December and have been teaching since the beginning of January. I currently teach a class at the YMCA and a class at a hot yoga studio. The feedback from my students has been wonderful – many are very surprised to hear that I have only been teaching since January. I have also begun the process of starting a small business (my original goal) in which I plan to offer private adapted yoga to disabled clients.

The training was an amazing journey. I not only learned how to teach yoga but I also learned a lot of valuable life lessons. I learned how important it is to be authentic and to truly understand that you cannot and will not please everyone but as long as you are teaching from your authentic self, nothing else really matters. Another important lesson for me was learning detachment and setting aside the ego –this has made it much easier for me to be vulnerable and yet still confident in my abilities as a new yoga teacher. Lastly, I learned to be okay with stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on a new challenge. It has often been overwhelming and anxiety inducing but the satisfaction of taking a risk and impressing yourself is a beautiful reward. My newest Sticky Note to quote Brene’ Brown,“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort – you cannot have both.” — So true.

Within two weeks of graduating, I auditioned at a studio to teach a class. Not only did I get the offer to teach the class but the studio owner was very surprised to hear that I had just completed my teacher training.

Jamie Bushman

Former Muddy Feet Yoga Student