Get ready for ballzy transitions, limitless self-exploration, dismantled barriers, and just a doggone good time. Attend one of Megan’s classes or trainings, and you’ll feel supported, accepted, challenged, and inspired. Megan brings a fresh and positive perspective to yoga in Iowa City. Equipped with a passion for helping and a knack for recognizing and emboldening others’ strengths, she lives by the mantra that “people do as well as they can.” She provides tools needed for people to do and be better, happier, and healthier and her fervor for no judgment builds a laid-back experience in which YOU feel powerful.


Emily is a fearless teacher who’s classes are powerful and purposeful. Yoga has helped transform her life both mentally and physically over the past decade; having lost 160 lbs and fully embracing the muddy and messy work of true personal growth. Emily encourages her students to value practice over perfection; learning to dig deep, find genuine joy, and push toward growth both on and off the mat. She believes life is about big laughs, an open heart, and fierce resilience. Embrace your inner early-bird at one of Emily’s energizing morning classes!


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