Class Descriptions

All classes are all levels. You may not be able to “keep up” with those around you at certain classes, but that’s not really the point! Remember to move, breathe, and sweat, and everything will come in due time. We always say, it’s not like rock-climbing where, if you have to stop and rest, you fall to your death. If you have to stop and rest during yoga, nothing happens. You’re actually breaking through that competitive human nature and listening to your body. There truly are no expectations. Bring your open mind, your promise to listen to your own body and keep it safe, and your willingness to focus on your successes! (You will have many successes.) Read the class descriptions below, pick one that sounds exciting, and show up! Easy peasy.


Hot 26

Slow and steady wins the race! We’ve cranked the heat for this focused, alignment-heavy class featuring the same 26-ish poses. We are creatures of habit, and sometimes we want a little routine in our yoga sequence! Each pose is held for approximately one minute, giving you time to not only express the pose, but reflect on its purpose and your body’s and mind’s reaction to it. No flow means short rests in between poses and plenty of time to get and stay centered. Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike! The ritual is ancient and the result staggering. If you need to learn calm and you want a stronger yet more flexible body and mind, this class is for you.

Hot Power

This fast-paced class and will mentally and physically wring you out! An offshoot of Ashtanga, Power Yoga connects breath and movement. But we turn up the music, the pace, and the intensity for an all-over workout that will leave you sweaty and buzzing. Power yoga is NOT all about getting into the deepest, most advanced poses or about getting the most intense workout you can (although those things do happen!). It’s about personal empowerment; tapping into your power and standing in it with two feet. You’ll learn how to find your calm in the eye of the storm and how to meet and move past your barriers to your personal summit. We’ll move, breathe, laugh, and sweat. Are you ready to find your roar?


A yoga/Barre fusion that will challenge you physically while also creating more balance in the body, alleviating pain, and increasing self-confidence. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. You can expect to walk away from class feeling lighter, stronger, and clearer than when you arrived!

Warm Vinyasa

This class connects breath and movement, improves your flexibility, moves stagnant energy, and cultivates a mind/body connection that will deepen your sense of inner calm. We keep the temperature up, so be prepared to sweat, but we add lots of stretch and breath to help you drop into your moving meditation. A stepping stone to Power Yoga, Vinyasa will help you build the strength and confidence to meet those typical “challenge” poses, and we might even try a few! This work will help you face challenging situations off your mat with breath and calm. Still fun and light-hearted, this class removes the intimidation factor inherent in typical yoga studios. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

Restore: Unheated

The perfect reset. We’ll use a combination of restorative and yin poses to give you a brain-break that sets you up for a mindful, purposeful, and productive week. Be ready to float out of the studio perfectly relaxed.


Yogasthenics combines the breath and movement of power yoga with the strength and conditioning of calisthenics. In this class, prepare to increase your stamina and endurance as you flow in and out of power yoga sequences, while also using your bodyweight by adding the strength training reps of calisthenics.
Things will then round out as we get further into our bodies with some of the deep core postures taken from the Yin practice, and/or slow our mind down through either a guided or solo meditation; sometimes both!

Queer Yoga

This is $7 community Vinyasa (see above description) class is for all bodies, ages, orientations, and abilities. We hold space for everyone to feel safe, seen, and encouraged to be themselves. Come as you are and take what you need. Everything is better together, so join us for a liberating flow.