A giant and happy HELLO to you!

We are a team of two high-vibing, fiery, caring, and kick-booty women and we are so freaking excited to get to know you! Our intention with Muddy Feet Yoga is to bring more people to yoga by eliminating the intimidating stigma about what yoga is or isn’t. We teach to all bodies, our specialty being those needing a push to break down walls that keep them from living their best life. Our passion is growth, as we believe that the all too familiar stagnation and plateau-ing that we find ourselves in is the beginning of the end of joy and inspiration. We know that wherever YOU are, we can meet you there, and help you get on the path to where you want to be by way of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Growth and accomplishment on your mat will bring you growth and accomplishment off your mat. And we know, because we live it.

Muddy Feet Yoga was born from a desire to bring yoga and yogis outdoors. We lead river tours on tubes, camping retreats, goat yoga, and other amazing adventures for those who love yoga and don’t mind getting down and dirty. We believe that life can be simpler and better when we whittle it down, get back to nature, and connect with ourselves. With the addition of our new hot yoga studio and home base, we aim to further our reach with accessible, high-quality yoga classes that focus on what’s important: self-love, community, fun, and acceptance.

Muddy Feet Yoga will be part of Megan and Emily’s legacy, bringing them each full circle in their journey, giving each of them the opportunity to spread love, enrich lives and fulfill their commitment to being of service to others so that we can all do better and be better together.


Get ready for ballzy transitions, limitless self-exploration, dismantled barriers, and just a doggone good time. Attend one of Megan’s classes or trainings, and you’ll feel supported, accepted, challenged, and inspired. Megan brings a fresh and positive perspective to yoga in Iowa City. Equipped with a passion for helping and a knack for recognizing and emboldening others’ strengths, she lives by the mantra that “people do as well as they can.” She provides tools needed for people to do and be better, happier, and healthier and her fervor for no judgment builds a laid-back experience in which YOU feel powerful.


Emily is a fearless teacher who’s classes are powerful and purposeful. Yoga has helped transform her life both mentally and physically over the past decade; having lost 160 lbs and fully embracing the muddy and messy work of true personal growth. Emily encourages her students to value practice over perfection; learning to dig deep, find genuine joy, and push toward growth both on and off the mat. She believes life is about big laughs, an open heart, and fierce resilience. Embrace your inner early-bird at one of Emily’s energizing morning classes!